Tom's Shoes, Arrested Development 'Pair Share' Program Kicks Off!

Greetings y'all! We're pleased to announce that AD and Tom's Shoes have agreed to co-sponsor a program to benefit children in need around the world. Since May of 2006, Tom's Shoes has given over 10,000 pairs of shoes to children in Argentina and 50,000 pairs in South Africa through the purchases of their caring customers. They do it by donating on a '1 for 1' program - you buy a pair, a child get's a pair! As an AD fan, you can now receive a $4 discount on the coolest shoes on the planet and help Tom's achieve their 2008 goal of donating 200,000 pairs for children around the world. Just use the promo code 'Lifemusic' Speech is currently sporting the 'Vote' style, (look at the Tom's website and let's us know which pair you believe are housing his feets!). There's a lot of options for you to spend your hard earned charitable dollar, but we ask that you consider our children. Visit Tom'sboth websites for details of where you can join AD and Tom's live! (Click on 'News Updates') Peace, and thanks for your consideration!

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lani said...

i love what TOMS does. i wish more companies would give back with every transaction made. if you want to get $5 OFF PLUS FREE SHIPPING use promo code: HAWAII. offer expires 11/26