A cool Story!

Oct 05, 2008 The Norwe​gian newsp​aper VG has repor​ted a truly​ amazi​ng story​ about​ a newly​-​wed tryin​g to get to Norwa​y to be with her husba​nd,​ and the stran​ger who helpe​d pay an unexp​ected​ lugga​ge surch​arge.​ The blog '​Leish​a'​s Rando​m Thoug​hts'​ has trans​lated​ the story​.​ It was 1988,​ and Mary Ander​sen was at the Miami​ airpo​rt check​ing in for a long fligh​t to Norwa​y to be with her husba​nd when the airli​ne repre​senta​tive infor​med her that she would​n'​t be able to check​ her lugga​ge witho​ut payin​g a 100 surch​arge:​ When it was final​ly Mary'​s turn,​ she got the messa​ge that would​ crush​ her bubbl​ing feeli​ng of happi​ness.​ -​You'​ll have to pay a 103 dolla​r surch​arge if you want to bring​ both those​ suitc​ases to Norwa​y , the man behin​d the count​er said.​ Mary had no money​.​ Her new husba​nd had trave​lled ahead​ of her to Norwa​y , and she had no one else to call.​ -I was compl​etely​ despe​rate and tried​ to think​ which​ of my thing​s I could​ manag​e witho​ut.​ But I had alrea​dy made such a caref​ul selec​tion of my most prize​d posse​ssion​s,​ says Mary.​ As tears​ strea​med down her face,​ she heard​ a '​gentl​e and frien​dly voice​'​ behin​d her sayin​g,​ '​That'​s okay,​ I'll pay for her.' Mary turne​d aroun​d to see a tall man whom she had never​ seen befor​e.​ -He had a gentl​e and kind voice​ that was still​ firm and decis​ive.​ The first​ thing​ I thoug​ht was, Who is this man?Altho​ugh this happe​ned 20 years​ ago, Mary still​ remem​bers the autho​rity that radia​ted from the man. -He was nicel​y dress​ed,​ fashi​onabl​y dress​ed with brown​ leath​er shoes​,​ a cotto​n shirt​ open at the throa​t and khaki​ pants​,​ says Mary. She was thril​led to be able to bring​ both her suitc​ases to Norwa​y and assur​ed the stran​ger that he would​ get his money​ back.​ The man wrote​ his name and addre​ss on a piece​ of paper​ that he gave to Mary.​ She thank​ed him repea​tedly​.​ When she final​ly walke​d off towar​ds the secur​ity check​point​,​ he waved​ goodb​ye to her. Who was the man? Barac​k Obama​.​ Twent​y years​ later​,​ she is thril​led that the frien​dly stran​ger at the airpo​rt may be the next Presi​dent and has voted​ for him alrea​dy and donat​ed 100 dolla​rs to his campa​ign:​ -He was my knigh​t in shini​ng armor​,​ says Mary,​ smili​ng.​ She paid the 103 dolla​rs back to Obama​ the day after​ she arriv​ed in Norwa​y . At that time he had just finis​hed his job as a poorl​y paid commu​nity worke​r*​ in Chica​go , and had start​ed his law studi​es at prest​igiou​s Harva​rd unive​rsity​.​ Mary even convi​nced her paren​ts to vote for him: In the sprin​g of 2006 Mary'​s paren​ts had heard​ that Obama​ was consi​derin​g a run for presi​dent,​ but that he had still​ not decid​ed.​ They chose​ to write​ a lette​r in which​ they told him that he would​ recei​ve their​ votes​.​ At the same time,​ they thank​ed Obama​ for helpi​ng their​ daugh​ter 18 years​ earli​er.​ And Obama​ repli​ed:​ In a lette​r to Mary'​s paren​ts dated​ May 4th, 2006 and stamp​ed '​Unite​d State​s Senat​e,​ Washi​ngton​ DC ', Barac​k Obama​ write​s:​ 'I want to thank​ you for the lovel​y thing​s you wrote​ about​ me and for remin​ding me of what happe​ned at Miami​ airpo​rt.​ I'm happy​ I could​ help back then,​ and I'm delig​hted to hear that your daugh​ter is happy​ in Norwa​y . Pleas​e send her my best wishe​s.​ Since​rely,​ Barac​k Obama​ , Unite​d State​s Senat​or'​.​ The paren​ts sent the lette​r on to Mary.​ Mary says that when her frien​ds and assoc​iates​ talk about​ the elect​ion,​ espec​ially​ when race relat​ions is the heate​d subje​ct,​ she relat​es the story​ of the k ind man who helpe​d out a stran​ger-​in-​need over twent​y years​ ago, years​ befor​e he had even thoug​ht about​ runni​ng for high offic​e.​ Truly​ a wonde​rful story​,​ and somet​hing that needs​ to be passe​d along​ in the maels​torm of fear-​and-​smear​ polit​ics we are being​ subje​cted to right​ now. SPEEC​H & the AD famil​y Read more!

I Dare you to vote!

I Double Dare You To Vote! Everyone underestimates the ability of the youth to actually be responsible enough to follow through with what they say they're going to do! This election is your chance to do what you said you would! Prove the Nah sayers wrong. They say blacks, youth, and artists never turn out in real numbers...I also hope the rural white voters see the label the media and pundits have placed on you. They say you're uneducated and unable to think clearly about WHO is the best candidate for your financial situation. I have HOPE IN YOU ALL! Let's make it happen in early voting (Like Yolanda & I proudly did) or make it happen NOV.4th. Just do it. Read more!

You are...

Even the most intense experience is only an experience 
you are having. It is not you, and you are not it.You are more than your problems, more than your
 possessions, more than the pains and pleasures. You 
are more than the frustrations that sometimes feel so

 Too often, out of fear, you cling tightly to things 
that don't really matter. Imagine the freedom that can
 come from letting go and stepping back. 

What if your most agonizing worries no longer had the
power to worry you? What if your most burdensome
 difficulties no longer had the power to trouble you? 

Step back from them, and it is all possible. It's not 
a matter of running away, but of putting the world in 

 The real person you are, is not defined or limited by 
the passing circumstances, no matter how intense they 
may be. Always remember that you are more.
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Tips for the growers...

1. Be quick to decide. Execute rather than wait. The Union Civil War General Sherman said: "A good plan executed today is far and away better than a perfect plan tomorrow." 2. Always paint the back of the house first. Do those things you least like doing when you have more energy. Then turn your energy on the things you love to do. 3. Do all you can to manage what you have and leave the rest. Manage your energy and your time and your possibilities. Don’t look for new things to spend energy and time on. 4. Check on competitors, but pay more attention to what you're doing. Everything looks perfect at a distance. You can find out what others are doing, but it’s more important what you are doing. 5. Don’t allow anyone to intimidate you. Stick with the people who are supporting your cause and leave the rest behind. You have every right to be successful. Don’t waste your energy comparing yourself to others or worrying about what other people think. 6. Solve your own problems. The emphasis here is “solve” not worry. The buck really does stop with you. Yes, you can get insight and encouragement from others, but in the final analysis you have to make the important decisions. 7. Don't take yourself too seriously. As my English teach would tell me, “Rausch, get off the stage and stop complaining.” You are valuable, but there are also millions of others just as valuable. Focus on someone or something other than your own problems. 8. There's always a reason to smile. Find it. After all, you're really lucky just to be alive. Life is short. Somewhere I picked up this quote and have found it to be energizing when things are tough; "We're not here for a long time; we're here for a good time." Word up. Read more!

We're on a World Tour...

Here we are at the brink of the most important election in my lifetime. My wife & I have PROUDLY ALREADY VOTED! I am presently in Cape Town, South Africa, where only 15 short years ago most of the population here was denied simple freedoms that many in the world take for granted. Arrested Development was here in 1994, during their time of FREEDOM when the worlds hero, Nelson Mandela was elected President of South Africa with overwhelming support! I was not only able to meet him, but I was able to speak directly before him at an address to the South African people, it was proudly one of the most important times in my life! Today in America, racism is being woven (once again) into the fabric of our thoughts, and whites & blacks are having to unleash their deep hidden fears, anxieties and dreams as they make a decision on a possible first Black president of the racially unjust United States. This is an exciting opportunity to live out the dream of America and a great time to be alive. (I love this following video) God knows the outcome of this election already, that comforts me. I also know that ultimately (in the end) God's will has to be done in this world and that also comforts me, as a God "fearing" and God loving man. Being here in Africa today, and having communed with the black & white Africans, Indian and colored people at our two shows (in the last two days), it has been amazing and refreshing! I, being almost 40 years old, have seen things that I had never seen before. Simple things like, a commercial about a clothes detergent having an all black cast. A black soap opera, that is not based on "black" issues. I'm in a place where I can finally see the possibility of blacks being seen as humans, not "black" at all. And I am filled with a mix of joy and sadness. Joy that I can finally see the possibilities of a world not seeing me as black! Sadness because it took 39 years and a trip all the way to South Africa for me to see it that way. At our show last night in Cape Town, I saw an African wearing an Obama T-shirt! It's amazing to see the overwhelming interest and support for our elections. It reminds me of the huge role we play in the entire world! As we toured, first to London, now in Africa and God willing next to the middle East (Dubai, Bahrain & Abu Dabui); my wife & 2 kids are in tow, seeing Muslims, Arabs, Blacks, Jews, Whites, and Indians as people, not terrorists, or all the other stereotypes that Americans have been indoctrinated to see. They see humans, families, children of God and I thank Him for this! I thank all of you fans of music for giving me the opportunity to tour, and for paying my bills. :-) Click on the title of this blog to read the review of our SOLD OUT show in London! Thank you South Africans for your love, hospitality and long talks about your future hopes, your past atrocities and love for human kind! Thank you to the many hip hop heads here that reject the imagery of U.S. mainstream hip hop and have decided to take a more life sustaining/conscious route! Today I am about to go into the townships and shanty towns, I will also go to church. I know what to expect! Many strive to put fear into us about crime and violence, but I know God is with us and we'll see exactly what He means for us to see. Anyway, we're on a world tour and in this day, this time period we are freedom riders. Seeing the vision, promoting the dream, and living with no fear! Read more!

Thank you fans!

I have had the pleasure of writing, performing, and experiencing music through the eyes of the fans for 17 years! We first jumped onto the scene in 1991 and it’s been an incredible journey! I’ve gotten much more than I asked or even hoped for. Every night I meet more of you and you inspire me to be better, to reach the skies in my own life & write songs of quality. From the 51 states of the U.S. to the countries in Europe we’ve falling in love with you guys! The great openness of Australians, the wonderful servitude and gratitude of the Japanese; you fans have kept it fresh for us! We introduce new music - you show love! You introduced babies, wives, children and friends to us at the shows and we show love! And now we’re off to Africa and the Middle East.(Dubai) I can’t repay you and you can’t repay me for what we’ve offered each other. This journey just keeps getting more interesting, thanks for taking it with me! Love SPEECH Read more!