Gays Stand Up!
Ok y’all. Adam Lambert openly gay singer from "American Idol" kissed a male keyboard player and had a dancer simulate oral sex on him during the American Music Awards performance on Sunday. That’s all over the headlines. Adam admitted that he got carried away but believes there wouldn't be nearly as much of an outrage if he were straight. Maybe he’s right though I doubt it, (look at the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction) but truthfully, so what!
Can I just say that gays need to be just as appalled as I am by the presentation of Adam Lambert and most other movies and how they portray them as hyper -sexualized, self-indulgent, degenerate mutants.
I’d love to see more gays standing up and speaking for what they really believe in. And when necessary speak out against other gays for their true cause. They can’t speak a good case for family values, equal rights to marriage, adoption and yet applaud these out right excessive antics from the likes of Adam.
The argument has been, “well heterosexuals do the same thing on TV, it’s a double standard”. No it’s not, I hate it from straight entertainers just as much, and as of recent, my people (black folk, especially in Hip-hop and R&B) are the worse perpetrators of the same thing! Justin Timberlake needs to TAKE sexy back to where ever he got it from! J
There’s something cool about sex just being personal and not cheapened by folks wanting to sell records.
It’s long over due to have real dialog about gay life in our country. A lot of our fans are gay, and I love em. Yes I follow Jesus and if asked I’d say that I see their lifestyle as a sin and destined to fail spiritually with use. By the way, I also see many other people’s lifestyles as sinful and destined to fail spiritually as well. I’m even including my own lifestyle before I allowed Jesus to help me out! I also see many “good church going folk” whose lives are just a sinful as anyone else’s. So it’s not a unique judgment that I’m not willing to also measure to others and myself.
And by now, it shouldn’t surprise gay or bi-sexual folks that there is and always will be a large section of our population that doesn’t agree with homosexuality. At the least, Muslims & Christians should never agree with this lifestyle as a choice for righteous living. Would I accept a gay person into our church? Of course! Should any Christian or I offer love and help to a gay person? I would to them as I would with anyone else.
I know this will sound cliché’ but some of my BEST FRIENDS have had homosexuality in their life resume’s. But they are now Christians and though they continue to struggle through temptations on a frequent basis, they no longer act on their sinful desires. They “deny” themselves just like I do when it comes to various sins.
As far as the bible is concerned, it’s clear on this issue; it’s not even a debate among true Christians. Sure, false jokers, or “liberal” preachers claim it is a lifestyle acceptable to God, but they’re simply wrong according to scripture. And if scripture doesn’t hold a lot of weight to them, then they are not Christians, simple as that.
Anyway, in light of this Adam controversy, I thought it be cool to get some dialog going, and hopefully for gays to stand up against this wack representation of their lifestyle. And by the way, I’d rather not hear a bunch of hate responses from my fans saying, “I will never buy another AD or Speech record again”. That tends to happen once an artist expresses themselves on these issues. Or when fans say, “I thought you & AD were different and that you stood for peace, love and unity”. Hello! Of course we do, but since when does STANDING for anything in this world mean not rubbing someone the wrong way. Maybe today I’ve rubbed YOU the wrong way, another day it may be the establishment and we’ll agree with each other on other issues. The next day it may be ignorant black folk, spreading wack ghetto themes to the youth. The key to this dialog is loving others DESPITE their differences in opinion or belief.  Not separating the world into those who support everything about gays and those who don’t. (Left or Right, liberal or conservative). Most people don’t fit into these easy categories.
Our fans know that we are & I am clearly AGAINST gay bashing, or harm of any gays. I DO believe in everyone having civil rights and the ability to get various benefits just as straight couples do. I DO believe in gays being able to live a life of dignity according to their own beliefs. I’m not a believer in gay marriage, because I believe that marriage is a divine concept that God himself ordains. Therefore, He wouldn’t ordain a same sex union. But hey, that’s simply my belief. I don’t want necessarily lose fans because of it, just like Ellen hasn’t lost my support because of her sexuality and belief. Can’t we all just carve a Turkey or (tofu in my case). Have a great thanksgiving time with family, friends and them other crazy folk that somehow get invited to dinner.
Peace & Strength,
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