Obama speaks in Berlin!

This man (a black American, even) is speaking about world unity in Berlin, Germany and the scope of his message is unprecedented from any other candidate in our lives! I am so PROUD of this moment in time. I pray that ALL of you will vote this November! Lift your voices and be involved in picking the next leader of the United States. My disciple family, my hip hop family, my friends of all walks of life and political beliefs. I am over-joyed to play a role in the inevitable realization of God's will. I hope you all see (at the least) the power of this moment. Those undecided about who to vote for, I hope you will deeply consider Barack Obama, and listen to the HOPE of his speech, pay attention to the scope of his vision, it is truly refreshing! The media will portray this moment as nothing to be too excited about. They will portray MCain, and Barack as two powerful opponents. But Barack is a more powerful candidate for this world we live! I know some older whites will NEVER vote for a black man, yet their own youth can reverse the racism and prejudice that has plaqued our world and country alike for far too long! The youth - get out and vote, not with just words, but with ACTION! I love yawl! Speech of Arrested Development


Edria said...

Dude, I can't believe you sent this out. I'm a disciple as well, here in Nashville. I stand against the abortion, against gun control, and against gay rights - this is the liberals/democrats platform and Obama is the biggest liberal of all........I don't care what nationality or race someone is I'M A CHRISTIAN and what liberals and Mr. Obama stand for go against every fiber in my being. I am voting, for McCain. Granted Mr. Obama gives great speaches, he's a great speaker, but I look at his history, voting record and what he does not just what he says.......Edria

Khaliyl said...

This is indeed a moment to seize and cherish, I just hope and pray he doesn't turn out to be just another Illuminatti puppet!!!

Bought and payed for....ya feel me?

Luminous Peace,

C.Crowley said...

I voted for him in the Rhode Island primary. for me, this goes beyond identity politics (although it's absolutely historic that a young black man has won the democratic nomination). I see in Barack Obama the last great chance for America to redeem itself after 8 years of failure and degradation. more than political expediency is at sake - we're engaged in a battle for the very soul of the Republic. C.Crowley

Will said...

I have been diagnosed. True Believer. Obama 08. Unity and global citizenship. I am a small rural wouldbe farmer in Ohio but it is here. A politican I can beleive in and if iti just a clever marketing campaign, if it is the establishment--fine their propaganda swayed me. I pray to God Almighty that it isnt. That revolution may be coming. Peacful, ethical, uniting revolution. Peace be with you brother.

Ryan said...

Yes, I saw it. It was moving, just like many other speeches he has given over the course of this Presidential campaign. Senator Obama continues to show glimpses of something that has long been missing in the rhetoric of liberal politicians. These corporate swill merchant Democrats have overrun the party and gutted the heart of our platform, replacing it with partisan bickery, empty soundbytes and a sincere lack of proactive movement. In other words, they've become "Diet Republicans."

For all of the Republican fearmongering and hyperbolic hatespeech, the Democratic Party's reaction has been embarrassing and lethargic, choosing time and again to seize the power from the masses, from the base and lifeblood of the party and instead concentrate it in the hands of the establishment Dems, the elite few. Even worse, they play right into the hands of the GOP and force the rest of us to live in a state of fearful reaction. The entire party has been driven blatantly off course in recent years.

Senator Obama has reenergized the grassroots liberal movement in a mesmerizing way. I'm not sure how many people are paying attention to it, because it seems like a rather daunting task to gauge something like that. But, for me, I haven't seen a mainstream political candidate with this type of message since I was inspired by Mario Cuomo when I was just a kid. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Democratic candidate with this kind of grassroots groundswell of support.

What makes Senator Obama's message and movement extraordinary is more than the call for change or any of his particular positons. Senator Obama continues to appeal to our higher consciousness and to our highest ideals, which so many Democrats have forgotten is the cornerstone of our belief in the party. We don’t want to be dumbed down and we don’t care for fearmongering or soundbytes. It is something so many liberal leaders have forgotten, that we're liberal because we're part of a "we" generation. That we emerged from the union struggle, the civil rights movement, the peace counterculture of the 1960s. Senator Obama has touched into that sleeping part of our consciousness that longs to be inspired. We all do. We get up every day and want to make a difference. We want to fight for meaning. We don’t need anyone to keep it simple for us. We’re signed in and we’ll do the work.

I'm a Democrat because I believe that for all of the flaws of this crazy, disputatious, overanalyzed and undertenderized nation, we are a unique and amazing people. And ideally, the Democrats represent the highest calling of those people. We're the party that says everyone can come aboard. We're the WE generation. We stand on picket lines and hold protest signs and call our congressional representatives. We recycle, we demand clean energy, we give what we can where we can, we stand up for the oppressed and we speak out whenever and wherever we see the cruel face of injustice. We’re not like the Republican machine. They believe in division, in supply side, in amassing power above all else, even if it means neglecting our human responsible to take care of our own. Democrats are different. Our philosophy is simple: We have no chosen people. We have no Kings. All men are created equal. And that means everybody, no exceptions.

Senator Obama's poignant remarks on race solidify something we should celebrate. We should take a moment and look at the difference our generation has made. It gets virtually no ink, but the reality is that we are the ones who have brought Dr. King's vision to near fruition. It's easy to overlook that in this celebrity-obsessed, media-fueled culture that swirls around us at all times. But, a monumental shift has occurred in America in the past couple of decades. The politics of subtle racism and division are no longer acceptable. We sang that "we shall overcome" and we will, and we are.

Senator Obama, a biracial man who spent part of his childhood in Kenya, is going to be the Democratic Nominee for President. And this is no fluke. Obama has won in every corner of America, across nearly every demographic and in states where there are virtually zero African Americans. Has anyone stopped to reflect on how overwhelming and wonderful this shift is? What an amazing time to be an American! Jim Crow and the politics of fear are dying and we're on the verge of a new day. Finally, pessimism is fading away. And the reality is that we did this. We have healed this divide. It is THE Story of this campaign.

I've been proud to call myself a Democrat because, traditionally speaking, our party is the vehicle for that change. Senator Obama reminds all of us of that. He reminds me, in particular, of what I love about my country. We're resilient. We heal and progress. We transcend. And when we achieve each step along the way, we achieve it together.

Hope all is well. I am a HUGE fan of your music, by the way.


Boogie man said...

listen again to this speech ,speech. it is a 2008 hitler speech speeking of a new worl order so to say..that all large political figures are saying now Clinton,Bush,Obama,Chaney and so on.

im voting for him regaurdless but check out his bloodline,traced to six U.S presidents alone,he is illuminati..
i actually have went to see him speak twice and it was one of the best experiences of my life....but.....

SPEECH said...

Ok, Ok, I got a lot of responses about illuminati's and secret conspiracies and new world order.
And honestly, these theories are such a conveinent way of people to simply stay uninvolved!

Oh, Of course, there's this "secret war" against the people, how convienent is it that we don't know exactly who the enemy is, (just a vague "them" or "they") I see NO big rally nor movement to fight em, so it only boils down to a bunch of dudes with data.

I especially hate to see black people fall into this trap, cuz we have such overwhelming present day issues that crush us, and yet we resort to anything but tangible responsible action!

Mind you, do i think man is capable of plotting to do evil...YES! it's proven.

But What are you gonna do about it? Just more & more talk and theories passed around...unfortunetly that's about it.

Been there ... done that.

All in love dough,
ya Bruh Speech

Anonymous said...

Who ever the next president is it will be according to God's will. That being said I have no faith in the political system anymore.....I believe both Obama and McCain are not good for this country. Obama is definitely more of a european socialist in his policies and I know his policies will be horrible for this country. I know because they have already been tried numerous times before and have a history of failing. There is empirical evidence and statistics to back that up. Would he give America a great new image to the world? Absolutely! However it will only be superficial.

Liberalism has proven to run this country into the ground! Just look at Bushes policies! He is a liberal too and has doubled the size of government and out spent any other US president in its history!

We are kissing away our freedom day by day. Obama and McCain both play a role in that with the votes they have cast in the Senate. Their records prove it.

America is becoming weaker and weaker as everyday that goes by and either Obama or McCain will continue us on that path.....Obama unfortunately will just do it at a faster pace but assuredly both take us in the same direction.

Whatever happens and whoever is president though I know that God is the true ruler of nations and every thing happens according to His will!

Aspiring said...

I am in Germany and the love here is unreal, I walked through Frankfurt and everyone was showing the speech in the cafes and restaraunts. I HATE McCain. I was surprised by all the love for Obama.


josh said...

Dude, I should of been reading your bulletins and blogs a long time ago. You got a good head on your shoulders, so to speak. Intelligent, you are, I mean to say.
take care,

Lisa said...

I have a few ideas for action and may need some help down the road in getting a powerful venue going. I'll keep you posted later, gotta focus on the day job for now. Much love man and thanks for being another amazing person whose voice IS outhere and HEARD. The more artist who are activists, The better. With out people like you, lil' folks like us are never seen. Peace.

Abundance said...

I work daily on researching and developing a platform surrounding such "data". I am not alone. The COLLECTIVE Parliament is an orgainization and rallying point that helps people find the back door that THEY left us so that THEY would or could not be brought up on charges of Fraud and Treason.

Weekly Conference Calls every Wednesday as well about these things...It is no longer us against them... but us and them against those!

We are doing moor than just talk and passing theories around. We prepare the paperwork to correct our status one moor at a time with no religious debate. We need moor people to walk through that back door to keep the loop hole forever widening so that we can collectively make a difference in Propia persona. As long as we remain "corporate slaves" WE HAVE NO RIGHT NOR SAY in anything and the only thing we can do is raise our fist in the air sporting red, black, and green from a consortium of pulpits spittin' those "facts and data with no real pot to piss in....For What?

Jesse said...

This speech brought me to tears, both because of the fact that this could actually happen-we can FINALLY set the world on a course of hope-and for fear that it may not. Thank you for posting it. LOL! (lots 'o love)Jesse

Nick said...

All Love and Respect Speech!
Just wanted to thank you for all of the beautiful music that you have spread to the world.
Also, I thought that I would mention that Chuck D was saying that this year is the one that he is dedicating to collaberations. Personally I think that your two voices are so counterpointal, but yet always have a similar message that I think it would be a great idea to work on.
...just a thought...
And if you all need a bassline, look me up ;vD
All Love and Respect,
Nick (Van Axl) Laramie
(303) 931-2384

Yagnesh said...


First, thanks for posting a link to Obama's powerful and ground backing speech in Berlin yesterday!

I don't know if you got a chance to see Nas on the Colbert Report last night but while Colbert continued to poke a little too much fun at hip hop and her stereotypes, I thought Nas was professional and handled the situation with grace and class.

Here's a link if you haven't seen it yet. http://www. comedycentral. com/colbertreport/full-episodes/index. jhtml?episodeId=176907.

Again, thanks so much for the countless years of truth and knowledge.

With great respects,

Neens said...

It was amazing! I wish I could have been there to see his speech live. But sadly I had to work .. I mean.. I'm happy to have a job ;) But I really wanted to see this amazing and charismatic (and hopefully next President of the U.S.A.) man.
Did you know that 76% of the Germans would vote for Obama?
Alomst 200.000 people came together yesterday!! This is just awesome. When he came up the stage I had goose bumps everywhere.
So let's just hope and pray that he will win the race.
There's nothing else I can do.. but tell all my american friend to do the right thing.. and trust me .. I do :)

Rachel said...

I concur! Viva OBAMA!!!!

(:paulie acey said...

i dont think there is enough people in this world that would care enough to fight against "them" most people i talk to are totally oblivious to the things that go on and are not publicized. if more people cared, alot of the curruption in our government today wouldnt be able to go on.caleb

In that type of situation, the best thing one can do in order not to be fall victim is remain positive and hold onto morals. Becoming angry causes stress and that leads to irrationality which fuels 'their' plan.

(:paulie acey

Rick said...

Big ras-pect, Brotha Speech!
The only conspiracy that matters to me is eurocentric Big Lies, like teaching school kids that Columbus was some sort of hero, instead of the genicidal maniac that he was.

P.S. Still love your first album!

J said...

Its becoming more and more obvious that there are those who control the money and the power are tightening their grip on society. The people are growing aware of their existance and yet people are attempting to justify continuing living out the same nightmare. Not everyone wants to take the red pill... but I can't stand being lied to.

I think it will take people like Dale Pond, Stan Deyo, and the studies and works of Tesla, Keely, and Moray to change the slanted advantages the Illuminati have over the rest of the world. If we have "free energy", everything else will fall into place. It's out there, we just have to recreate what others have already done and make it popular and easy to apply.

People are being lied to and manipulated to be kept running in the endless hamster wheel. It's time things changed.

You put on a great show at Langerado, I hope to see you again sometime. I've been a fan ever since your beginning, and I appreciate the real point of view.

- J

Rick said...

True, that! These really ARE history making times!

I haven't voted since the Clinton administration, but I voted for Senator Obama in the primaries and I'll pull the lever for him in November. (Here, in PA, he lost to Bill's wife.) I feel very strongly about seeing him in the Oval Office next year. He was against the Iraq War before it started and so was I. Hillary voted with the Republicans to invade and later flip flopped and said had she known there were no WMDs, she'd never have supported U.S. involvement.

I think Bush is the worst president in my life time, including Nixon. Under the Democrats, we had a huge budget surplus, which W. turned into the country's largest deficit ever. And it's no surprise gas is over $4/gallon. The Bush fam is IN the oil business. And they're tight with the bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia. No wonder their black sheep, Osama, has never been caught. There's a tacit understanding between those two families...

Marcus Kwame said...

Very true, brother.

Marcus Kwame

Kyle said...

amen to that brotha speech,outKyle Key


All you can do is be prepared, the army still trains and prepares when there is no war, so why cant we. You go to church or worship to whatever GOD you believe in, in good and bad times, so whats so different now that many of the blind can see that there country is not for freedom or unity. The question is when those who doubt or dont believe see the enemy is their own country how will they respond? We cant bury our heads in the sand forever and wait for what GOD has mentally prepared us to do for ourselves.

DJ DanOwitz said...

Now as fan of AD's music for awhile, and the way the music is good at helping bring people together I thank you and when I went on a spirtual trip with some Native American cats and was on some good ol shrooms, Arrested Development Albums were the best to listen to (sober as well) I thank you for all what I see as classics and also in some part AD AD's music along with other True HipHop was a part of helping my 3rd eye open and part of hellpingme grow up, so once again Speech I thank you and the other members of Arrested Development .But I think you really need to realize that all that "NWO, MASONS, Illuminati, etc.." are very real and give it a few years before people are taken away to camps, Hey wait they are doing that now in the United Stolen Land of Amerikkka. What people are saying that know the truth about whats going on, is not to do anything and just be blah, but is to tell you GET READY. Like that famous Quote from Jaws "You will continue to ignore this problem till it swims up and bites you on the ass!"
What people are doing who know the truth is getting ready, for the dumbshit. And if it's that punk Obama or MKKKAIN, its not only 4 more years of dumbstuff, but since both are part of the NWO plan, expect more and more of the evil doings to happen. Some of us "conspiracy" people maybe crazy but we do have our 3rd eye open and we are doing more than talking, we are getting ready, and when the BS pops off, some of us will be ready. People have been fighting the Powers that be forever, BUT now when people fight "THEM" "THEY" sound out they Bully Squad, aka Police force or army or whatever, case in-point when a recent protest of Speaker of the House NazI Nancy Pelosi, right near her San Fran House to protest an Impending attack on Iran, Cops did the usual BS.
Now as Human beings, no one knows the exact truth of what is going to happen. the whole 2012 Mayan end of the world thing could be true, or a 4th Reich could happen if Mkkkain gets in office, Or Obama could do whatever (he is on the CFR so anything is possible) But most of what is going on today is all tied in one way or another and alot of us know "WHO" is to blame.
As HipHoppa I have High Respect for you and the music and all the positive things that have come out of Arrested Development's style of HipHop. But please have some respect for people are are fighting the good fight all the time in one away, or another. Because in the end, it just comes down to just wanting peace and positivity and chill with my FAM (my Tribe), family and friends. I don't like worrying that I have to get my children ready for the dumbstuff that is about to happen in this world, I call my children the worlds future freedom fighters, and some people laugh and say "ahh how cute" but Its not cute, I want my children to be regular kids, and enjoy life and grow up and have a bright future, but if people like me and others don't spit the truth about "THEM" or "THEY" then what future is there for children.
http://www. zeitgeistmovie. com/
good movie check it out.

BTW listening to "raining revolution" when I was 19-20 and on Shrooms while it was raining outside, was one of the best trips back in the day.

Peace and Blessings,
DJ DanOwitz

Luci said...

Wow. I like that response yes it is proven that there's these powerful men with lot's of money hiding data. I worry, I worried, but this was a perfect way for me to find my faith. My faith in jesus christ and our most high GOD. This is already written in our holy bible. People need to read the bible. What we need to do is read Revelations more often. Instead of keeping our heads stuck in this conspiracy books all is fact and all is proven that there are evil men that control our government. It's all there in plain words. I don't really care anymore we can't do anything about it now. It is what it is. I used to live in conspiracy theory books. So my response would be is this is a positive thing. In the end when we are walking around with the 666-bar codes on our foreheads, and microchips. That's just a sign of times. Good times if you believe in the creator God. He said he will be back to punish those who try to be GOD. There is only ONE GOD. and it's definetly not the illuminati. They are satan worshippers. In the end there will be a war against good and evil. And be sure that i will be marching with the soldiers of jesus christ. The Rapture. Nothing to fear. Something to rejoice in. Then we will see the true promised land. No paper money, no materialistic things, no world controlled by man. Just heavenly bliss with our father GOD.Luci

C. Crowley said...

man, some of these comments are unbelievable! illuminati? new world order? dare I say that these people are just grasping at the straws of "acceptable" reasons to vote against the guy simply because they're uncomfortable with his race? I swear, that's what the whole "muslim" thing is about. it's unacceptable to be openly racist against blacks but since 9/11, muslims are the "acceptable" minority to actively hate and discriminate against. I'm convinced that none of these people actually BELIEVE the muslim smears - they're simply rationalizing racism into coded, socially "acceptable" prejudices.

it dismays me, in 2008, to see this "othering" going on, that patriotic has been co-opted into code for white social conservative. however, it is kind of funny to see how little people actually know about socialism, all the while touting the "conservative" values of a party that regularly spies on its citizens, tortures its prisoners while holding them without access to counsel on dubious charges, that increases taxes and spending to fund pre-emptive wars in sovereign nations that never attacked us, and regularly touts their moral high ground to control the reproductive rights of women and enforce the second-class citizenry of gays, latinos, immigrants and, of course, blacks. if that's conservatism than I'm glad to be a "liberal" with a "mental disorder."

all in all though, Speech, I am incredibly glad to find an artist that I've long admired is on the right side of the fence.

jason rubino said...

i just read a bulletin you posted about your blog on mr. obama. I would like to know what you think i can do (besides vote...and for him no doubt) to fix the immense amount of problems in the world, especially those caused by our current dictator. i'm sure you're fully aware of his damage done so i will spare you my rhetoric; but i want to know what you think should or could be done one person at a time or as a large mass to get evolution back in the right direction. respond to this if you're for reals because this actually means something.

-jason rubino

KC said...


I enjoyed reading your blogs. I Pray that all is well with you and your family. A large smile spread across my face when I read that your Father was the founder of Summer Fest. I remember going there as a kid and just having a ball. I also had a flash back of my brother spending his last coins to win me a fish in the glass bowl, but ever year they would not live long enough to make it home. I have to admit I found your blog page extremly informative. I will be sure to visit often now that you have made me aware.

Continued Blessings,

tbartel said...

Let Obama run in Germany. He goes there to preach hope while 16 youths die in Chicago every weekend. His own state is a cesspool of corruption, with one governor in jail and another on his way. The legislation has not even tried to balance the budget. He said he would promise to represent the interest of Illinois in the senate before he set out on his personal ambitions to be president. He lied. His voting record in the Senate is a joke. His voting record in Illinois Senate is not much better. I see allot of emotional attachment to this man but where is the substance. Look at Illinois please. see how we pay the highest gas prices in Chicago. See how factory after factory leaves this state due to high insurance cost and an unfair tax burden. See how the cost of living is significantly higher then any other state and yet wages are the the lowest. (yes our minimum wage is high, unfortunately highly skilled jobs are the lowest) a 3 bedroom apartment goes for $1200 a month, electric is over $140 a month, gas between $180/240 and cable/internet is $120. Cook county has the highest local taxes in the Nation. This is his State, and look at it. I have lived here for 7 years and its corruption and socialism is worse then Washington state. If he was honestly concerned with change, don't ya think he would have started in his own backyard.