AD Paste Magazine Live Podcast!

BY: Gregg Adams (Vagabond Records & Tapes) Hey y'all! We recently got invited to visit the folks at Paste Magazine, (very cool, if u haven't checked them out, u need to!) and record a live studio podcast for everyone's listnin' & viewin' pleasha! (Trivia for AD and Paste Magazine fans - Speech was featured in the first issue in July 02 - rare, but try & find it!). Stay tuned to Paste for an exclusive interview with Speech, talkin' bout some exciting new music, recent collaborations and his overall views on music today. Hit us up and let us know what you think! Nick Purdy, publisher and co-founder of Paste joined AD for a recent performance at the July 5th Braves game and immediately suggested the podcast, which was a great time for all! Our thanks to the staff at Paste, especially Nick and Kevin Keller. Peace

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