I Dare you to vote!

I Double Dare You To Vote! Everyone underestimates the ability of the youth to actually be responsible enough to follow through with what they say they're going to do! This election is your chance to do what you said you would! Prove the Nah sayers wrong. They say blacks, youth, and artists never turn out in real numbers...I also hope the rural white voters see the label the media and pundits have placed on you. They say you're uneducated and unable to think clearly about WHO is the best candidate for your financial situation. I have HOPE IN YOU ALL! Let's make it happen in early voting (Like Yolanda & I proudly did) or make it happen NOV.4th. Just do it.


Anonymous said...

All you Obama supporters don't forget to vote on Wednesday November 5th!!!!

Speech said...

Good one! :-)

Ironically I will NOT be voting Nov. 5th nor 4th!

I already voted and so has MOST of my friends. :-)