LEAF Festival w/ Corey Harris & AD

I love Music festivals, God has blessed me with such a great job! I cannot stress that enough. I love the air, the trees, the festive mood, foods, and music variety! Many nights I lay in my bed stressed about what is NOT happening in my music career. But I would be foolish to under - emphasize what IS! And what IS far out weights what isn't. Quote from a LEAF blog (linked from the above headline): "I have been a huge fan of Arrested Development since their album 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of… I played that CD over and over in college and never got sick of it. When I saw them show up on the bill for LEAF, I was psyched. Of course, I also wondered if they would live up to my expectations. Did they ever! They were phenomenal. This concert was one of the most high energy shows I have ever seen and with a super positive message. It was truly an uplifting experience." I enjoyed the hearts of the people at the Lake Eden Arts festival, the organizers, the volunteers and the fan's were really kind. I also loved that they had a lot of kids activities, no drug promotion and fun camping going on all around! Musical groups of ALL genre's could be heard floating in the warm atmosphere, while humans mixed with nature in perfect harmony!

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